Alumni Programme

The YSE Alumni Programme allows previous competition finalists to continue their educational journey with YSE. The programme aims to go beyond the learning and provide practical advice on how to make tangible, positive contributions to society. 

Sessions: 1 -2 sessions each school term

Agenda: Visit leading NGOs, Social Enterprises and Corporate Firms

Internship: Secure an internship at the end of the Programme

You will meet with social entrepreneurs who lead by example, tackling global development challenges in their work, from sustainability to health inequality. As you progress through the Alumni programme, we will encourage you to develop your leadership skills. We will provide you with the opportunity to put them to the test leading elements of the YSE Competition, as well as in your internship placements. We are absolutely delighted to have such a strong cohort who want to continue the YSE journey and we look forward to seeing what you achieve this year.

- Message from The 2023 Alumni Programme Coordinator, Natalie Deller

Learning Outcomes

Develop an understanding of what it means to be a social entrepreneur, balancing social values with profit and sustainability.

Gain awareness of the defining characteristics of a social enterprise and how these differ from both charities and businesses.

Learn to critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of a social enterprise and demonstrate working examples of social entrepreneurship.

Build confidence in your own skill-set as a social entrepreneur and your ability to innovate, solve problems, manage resources and create social change.

Develop your leadership skills, build your CV and prepare to apply your social values in the work place.

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