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We established Young Social Entrepreneurs (YSE) following an enlightening trip to Ghana as part of the Chief Rabbi’s Ben Azzai Programme. During our visit we observed various interventions tackling social issues. We returned to the UK inspired to educate young students about the social challenges faced both globally and locally, emphasizing the vital role of social enterprises in addressing these issues. Through our programmes, we equip students with the practical knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to drive positive change.

YSE Founders,




Through a series of interactive and educational LEARN workshops, students are empowered to gain a deep understanding of a range of local and global social challenges.


Through the flagship LAUNCH competition, students devise their own social enterprise in response to a local social challenge. The strongest ideas are invited to pitch their social enterprises to a panel of expert judges.


Through the LEAD programme, students connect with leaders in the field of social entrepreneurship and explore the diverse pathways available for becoming social entrepreneurs across different environments, be it in a social enterprise, NGO, or within a corporate setting. 

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Discover the challenges faced in a local borough in London, and learn what it takes to launch a social enterprise that is sustainable, viable and cost effective. 

Compete against students across the UK and present your idea in a Dragon’s Den style pitch to a panel of expert judges. The top teams win in a trip to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Who can take part?

UK students in Years 10-13

Form teams of 2 - 5

What do you do?

Devise a social enterprise in response to challenges faced in a local borough in London

Throughout the competition, we got given the freedom to present and display ideas in an interactive way so it really didn’t feel like I was working, rather taking part in a rewarding opportunity with friends.


Win a trip to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland


Winners 2022

The Seed To Feed Foundation

Social Enterprise using materials out of landfill to produce seeded paper which can be sold to schools.

The paper can then be planted to produce nutritious crops for school lunches.

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