Our Mission

We are building the next generation of socially minded entrepreneurs, through unique interactive educational experiences and enterprise opportunities

Students across the UK are increasingly inspired to apply their business acumen to drive positive change, but are limited in their opportunities to do so. At YSE, we encourage students to reflect on their worldview and connect with marginalised and impoverished communities. 

Students design and develop their own social enterprise in response to challenges faced in these communities. In turn, participants research and prepare a professional standard project proposal form, conduct a cost benefit analysis, and pitch their idea to industry experts. Simultaneously, participants develop an understanding of global development challenges and what makes an intervention ethical, sustainable, and viable. 

Our YSE alumni take the knowledge and skills they have gained from the programme and apply them as they see fit. Ranging from launching a social enterprise themselves to inspiring a CSR policy in the workplace, some wins are big, some wins are small. Together, we create a ripple effect of positive change led by a network of commercially minded, bright, Young Social Entrepreneurs.