Our Mission

We are building the next generation of social entrepreneurs, through unique interactive educational experiences and enterprise opportunities

Social entrepreneurship can manifest through various avenues. Whether pursuing social enterprise ventures or applying business acumen in corporate environments, YSE equips students with a deep understanding of critical social issues and the tools to effectively address them. Our vision is to shift the paradigm of social change from conventional charity and volunteering to the innovative and sustainable approach of social enterprise.

Acknowledging the interconnected nature of local and global societal challenges and understanding that the most effective methods for creating change can vary based on context, our three core programs educate students to discern and implement innovative and sustainable solutions:

LEARN: Through a series of interactive and educational LEARN workshops, students are empowered to gain a deep understanding of a range of local and global social challenges.

LAUNCH: Through the flagship LAUNCH competition, students devise their own social enterprise in response to a local social challenge. The strongest ideas are invited to pitch their social enterprises to a panel of expert judges.

LEAD: Through the LEAD programme, students connect with leaders in the field of social entrepreneurship and explore the diverse pathways available for becoming social entrepreneurs across different environments, be it in a social enterprise, NGO, or within a corporate setting.